Welcome to the third major iteration of the Adirondack Chapter website!

Our web designs of the past relied heavily on custom created graphics, archaic HTML coding and poor media handling.  Some of that was done in house, some we had to reach out to professional web designers for assistance.  The end result was a static looking site that was difficult to update other than the simplest of text content.

The Adirondack Chapter was one of the very first (if not the first) chapters to have a website.  The first ADC site went up in January 1999.  Technology has evolved significantly since then.  Today, there are a number of web design platforms to build a site from.  One of the easiest ones is WordPress, which started out as blog publishing software, but now is widely used as a means to build entire sites.

Thanks to this technology, a site is much more easily customized, updated, and changed.  In fact, there are “themes” available for WordPress, both free and premium versions, that can be installed in moments.  Then, at the click of a button, one can change the entire look of a site.  WordPress never lost it’s excellent ability to easily create blog pages, a great way to add frequent content.

While serving as President, Marsha Smith made substantial efforts to increase communication withing the chapter.  Following up on this idea, I suggested that the chapter consider changing the website over to a WordPress type that could be updated quickly and the blog could serve as another means of communication for members as well as to the outside world.  The board agreed with the thought and as of today, the ADC site is now powered by WordPress!

It should be mentioned that ACBS International hosts our chapter website at no cost to the chapter.  Fortunately, they already had the capability to host a WordPress site, so it was a only a matter of their webmaster installing the appropriate software for us.

This site will continue to be a work in progress, much like many of our boats are!  The basic functionality is up and running, the basic content in place.  But we will be adding to that throughout the season.  There are additional features to bring online as time goes on.  Please note that, like most web sites, the ADC site may look and act differently between platforms (Windows, Mac, iPad, etc) as well as between different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)  It may also be effected by the amount of bandwidth you have especially when viewing high resolutions photos.  Your experience may vary….If you come across issues while accessing the site, please email me directly (email) and let me know the details.

As in the past, this is your chapter web site.  Please consider writing a story, sending photos, or requesting content – it’s all about the participation!

Happy Classic Boating,