April First Watch 2020

 Hello fellow Adirondack chapter members,

We are all being impacted in many ways by the Corona pandemic. Like many of you,  I have lived through several wars, gas shortages and price gouging, interest rates above 16%, the dot com bubble burst, an enemy attack on our soil 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession,  hurricanes and tornadoes causing mass destruction as well as wild fires across the globe. We have survived those many challenges, and I have the belief that we will get through this as well.

Here are some points of note this month:

~ Please go to our Photo Page to see some photos of our Winter workshop at Tumblehome Boatworks 3 weeks ago. It was well attended by both Adirondack chapter members, and members from our neighbors in the Champlain ACBS Chapter. Thank you to Reuben and Cynde Smith for hosting this get together. Unfortunately, that may be the last gathering for a while.

~ In the short term, considering the uncertainty of this health scare, I have postponed our April 25th HackerCraft Boats Spring Workshop. I am optimistic I will be able to get back to you soon with a new date. Our next scheduled event is a Board of Directors meeting via Zoom on June 1st. The last meeting, on March 1st, was very well attended! It was great to see many members join us, even if just to listen in. I’m hopeful at the June 1st meeting we will have some good news regarding the Corona pandemic, and things will start to resume to a more normal life for all.

~ Look for the next issue of “Fourth Watch” in your email box. In continued caution , to limit contact with all persons producing it, as well as for us receiving it, “Fourth Watch” will be mailed electronically at this time.

~ I am pleased to announce that we were awarded a $1,000 grant from the Village of Lake George for our Lake George Rendezvous, to be held August 28th-29th! We filed the necessary paperwork for a grant in early October. Along with completing applications to the Village to secure the date and docks, we have also secured with the Warren County Sheriff and NYS DEC and the Forest Service the use of the area for our Fly-by parade after the show.

Let’s look forward to Spring and continue to stay healthy so we can enjoy a full boating season!

Seas the day!

Ed Becker, Adirondack Chapter President