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2022 Officers and Directors

The Adirondack Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors who share a passion for antique and classic boats. The board is comprised of four elected officers, 12 elected directors and 5 volunteer positions.

President   Neil Satterly        
Vice President   Adam Weisburgh        
Secretary   John Painter        
Treasurer   Armand Sieper        



2022: Mary Carmel, Peter Fish, John Kovac, Nick Lamando

2023: Tom Carmel, Teresa Hoffman, Raymond Hull, Cynde Smith

2024: Ellen Robbiano, Daniel Rogosich, Cheryll Schampier, Marsha Smith

Advisor at Large:  Ed Scheiber

Immediate Past President:  Ed Becker

Volunteer Positions

First Watch Monthly Editor   Ed Becker        
Fourth Watch Quarterly Editor   Tom Carmel        
Lake George Rendezvous   Ed & Sally Becker        
Fulton Chain Rendezvous   Rob Kidd        
Membership Chair   John Painter        
Webmaster   Kent Smith  & Ed Becker