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2022 Officers and Directors

The Adirondack Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors who share a passion for antique and classic boats. The board is comprised of four elected officers, 12 elected directors and 5 volunteer positions.

President   Neil Satterly        
Vice President   Adam Weisburgh        
Secretary   John Painter        
Treasurer   Armand Sieper / Carol McCarthy        



2023: Tom Carmel, Raymond Hull, Cynde Smith

2024: Ellen Robbiano, Brad Pearson, Marsha Smith

2025: Teri Hoffman, Cheryll Schampier, Ed Scheiber

Immediate Past President:  Ed Becker

Volunteer Positions

First Watch Monthly Editor   Neil Satterly        
Fourth Watch Quarterly Editor   Cynde Smith        
Lake George Rendezvous   Adam Weisburgh        
Fulton Chain Rendezvous   Rob Kidd        
Membership Chair   John Painter        
Webmaster   Kent Smith  & Ed Becker